Our purpose is to provide safe creative alternatives to the pervasive and poisonous cultural imprints of our society. We believe that the growth of toxic culture is exceedingly pervasive in the world today - cultures that are harmful to our health, our environment, and our children. We also believe you are capable of adding to the health of the world and invite you to participate.

If you're interested in making a change in our participation in government, click on the "vote" image. We are promoting a simple and effective way of regaining control over the politicians who are destroying the system. Please check this out and pass the idea on. Look at the presidential candidates we are given this year and add up the amount of real choice you have had in selecting them. Look again and decide if you have any choice in what the parties give you. Gain control for the people again, support "NoneOfTheAbove" and help change the government back to democracy. Our premise is that all ballots for all elections anywhere in the United States of America and it's territories should include the line "None of the Above" as a valid voter choice. If None of the Above wins, then a new election will be held with new candidates, the old, rejected candidates will not be allowed to run for the same office (they can run for any other office not previously rejected by the same voters). In this way, we the people get to tell the political parties when we are dissatisfied with what is given us and to do better. We cannot do that at present without breaking up the party system and that is a worse choice. Let's just have the option of letting them know when the job is not done to our satisfaction. We can generate this for the whole world and create a better blue marble. Click on the vote image and sign up as a supporter of real change. Thanks.

Don't believe this sign Whether you are a farmer, landscaper, scientist, pet owner, manage a household, work with Dilbert, or live as a hermit, we generate ideas designed to eliminate your cultural poisons the natural way! Our thought-provoking writing displays the finest of the environmentally-sound natural beneficial ideas and organic insights currently available. For example, re-read the "legislate don't educate" sign again and really think about it. That is what is happening in our world today. It is time to EDUCATE!!! And if we have not yet faced up to all the many cultural, governmental, religious, and societal imprints, we will get to them with your help! Write us with your most puzzling problems and we will apply our viewpoint to creating a change in our world. Or, even better, send in complete essays (both great and small) and we will post them up for all the world to grow from. You may also choose an unfilled topic and essay away. Lets help the world with our most precious export, insight.

Here at Sometime Accurate, our ideas are the most affable anywhere, and we ship rationality anywhere in the United States and throughout the world. Our wish is to help make this planet a safe place for all of us to live without harming our precious environment, freedom, and future.

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Culturalogical Control Systems "The Best Ideas in the Borderland"
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Cultural Problem Systemic Ideas
Legislate don't Educate!!!
How big is big anyway?,
Funding, fees, and you,
What price protection
Jeffersonian Republic
Green Trees vrs. the automobile
Flunking the environment air quality
Spider Mites in Law Enforcement
Where's the tax dollar in all thi;,
What if we eliminated a few laws?
Churches, religion, and the finger of GOD.
Technology and the Bible,
The case for/against Jehova
Can this be true?,
Jesus taught the kaballah
Food and farmers
Bigger is ALWAYS better---You betcha!,
They built houses WHERE???
Family and educational issues
Public school is the worst thing we do to our children,
Who is responsible for children and their actions.,
Keeping them barefoot and pregnant.
Your most poisonous place to be.,
Termites, Grubs, Beetles, and
really nasty bees.
Better bugs through better breeding.
Japanese Beetles, fire ants, house sparrows, and starlings
Bringing in our own misery
Grasshoppers and the Pharoh
Nosema Locustae
Snails, walking catfish, and punk trees.
Opening our backyard to unrestricted imports.
Mosquitos, bugs, bacteria, and us.
What is Natural in Man's world?,
Praying Mantis, lady bugs, plague, and vipers
Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force
Why the USA is the most powerful armed force in the world.,
Grunts vrs. High Tech.,
Ageless Warriors